photos: Alfonso Corona

Just like in our 3rd issue, Architect Miguel Angel Aragones shows his perfect and daring lines in space and materials; we now bring you the second version of this white and minimalist balance. This time we head to the Capital of Mexico, also known as, D.F
Although not everyone likes this type of decoration and architecture, once you visit and inhabit this space, you’ll understand a new palpable dimension in this crowded and polluted city. With its simple, elegant and spatial distribution, you’ll find yourself immersed in a cloud of materials and light textures with perfect finishes -wherever you look.

A perfect rounded marble sphere receives color light from a spot projector more than 30ft above; the hard-light quality of the projector gives a strong personality to this living object in the middle of the white marble desert that surrounds it.
In the outside, we find a black bottom fountain that will host a huge tribe of orange Koi fishes making it seem like a living water-mirror that shows us no end, no profundity.
The space on top of the lower living room is a meditation quarter with ambient speakers and tatami mats all over the squared, Zen-filled area. Talk about relaxation!

The impeccable white surfaces everywhere give you a floating and silencing atmosphere. And imagine that! The breakfast dining area has furniture designed by world renowned Phillipe Stark.
The multiple terraces give the property a series of light filtrations that turn on the whole peaceful house into a haven. With its monumental open spaces, lighting dimensions and awesome finishes, this architectural space gives you the opportunity to enter a different spot –different from the one 5 minutes ago.

The furniture materials includes leather, steel, marble among other interesting and yet not common materials. Every Plasma screen can be covered by false wooden walls. The Onyx lamps light the rooms with the exact amount and quality of desired light.
Mr. Aragones is, with no doubt, one of the best young architects in Mexico daring to contribute to this city’s growth, as one of the most important and culturally enriched in Latin American.
These houses and this type of architecture are certainly not for everyone to like or live in, but, like one little -but powerful- fellow said once, stature is not measured from the head to the earth but from the head to the sky. In here, only tall people fit and can fill the rooms, according to this great architect.
Every decoration detail has a well defined artist seal like the coffee and Onyx center piece in the dining room table. The feminine shapes around the house connect you with terrain and creative energy, inviting you to become part of it.
The cost of building this type of architectural space is very large, once accomplished, these livable places are worth astonishing amounts of money; but it comes with a great advantage: style, quality and lots of peaceful moments.
I hope you enjoy this strange hole into a person’s creativity, dedication and imagination as much as we have.
If this white lifestyle is not your ideal architectural space, just flip the page be- cause something colorful is coming right after.